Foundation "Armenian Initiative"

“Armenian Initiative” charitable foundation was established in December 2016. The foundation is an all-ukrainian charitable organization founded by the Ukrainian law “On charity and benevolent organizations” based on legitimacy, humanity, common interests and equal rights of all its members, publicity, volunteerism and self-governance. The Foundation is a nonprofit organization and does not have the goal of earning a profit.

The mission of the Foundation

The consolidation of Armenians and Armenian organizations for the development of Armenia, which is possible only  in case of progressive development of the Armenian Diaspora in the whole world, and particularly in Ukraine. It is the support of Armenian youth, their aspirations to become businessmen, public person and / or politician. The creation of a new model of the Armenian public organization, where most of the Armenians in Ukraine will be involved.

In order to accomplish its mission, the Fund cooperates with individuals, including government officials, media, profit-making and non-profit organizations.


Our values

Being indifferent – we know how to listen and hear, that’s why we strive to help, assist, render support

Responsibility – We take the responsibility for the result of our actions.

Efficiency – we are eager to achieve the set goals.

Transparency – we are open to public, to new ideas and partnerships.

Our Objectives

– Creation and implementation of socially significant projects, including the Ministry of Diaspora of the Republic of Armenia, the Embassy of the Republic of Armenia in Ukraine and other non-governmental organizations in Ukraine.

– Creation of a structure that will protect and lobby the interests of Armenians and friends of the Armenian nation in Ukraine.

– Assistance and support to the development of ethnic minorities in Ukraine;

– Support of non-governmental organizations, which are implementing programs to popularize the Armenian culture in Ukraine.